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Smart Investors plans to bring our participants winners in the alternative investment spaces starting with our BETA in Q4 of this year.

Smart Investors is ushering in a new age of democratized funding which has the ability to make early investors a small fortune.

With a focus on blockchain, fintech, web 3 and the metaverse, we have a disciplined approach to bringing our participants winners in these niches.

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The Smart Investors Story

Smart Investors started in Q2 2022 by Adrian Thomas with the aim of financing his own projects without going the VC route.

The goal is to create an environment that investors and project stakeholders can collaborate on and get funded in order to execute their business models.

We see how the venture capital firms have all but bought up big tech, our goal is to prevent that in the new decentralized way.

Help us usher in a new ERA of finance and cut out the VC's

Our goal is to get the average retail investor to be able to participate in ground breaking projects where VC's and angel investors normally participate. This is the riskiest but also the most lucrative stage to invest in. We do our homework to minimize that risk.

Our disciplines

We actively support business in the following verticals, amongst others. We provide consulting and collaborations. Check out our B2B Services for more information.

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The tech sector, short for the technology sector, encompasses a broad range of companies involved in the development, production, and distribution of technology-based goods and services. This dynamic sector includes industries such as software, hardware, electronics, internet services, artificial intelligence, and more, characterized by rapid innovation and significant contributions to economic growth and societal change.

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Web 3.0

Web 3, often referred to as Web 3.0, is the next evolution of the World Wide Web, proposing a decentralized online ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It aims to create a more autonomous and user-centric internet, where users have greater control over their data, identities, and transactions, shifting power away from centralized entities.

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Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows data to be securely and transparently recorded and shared across a network of decentralized nodes. It is the backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and enables tamper-proof, chronological, and public transactions without the need for a central authority, thus fostering trust and security in digital interactions.

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Fintech, short for financial technology, refers to the integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies to improve their use and delivery to consumers. It encompasses a broad range of applications, from mobile banking and algorithm-driven investment platforms to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, revolutionizing traditional financial and banking services.

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