Unique Investment Opportunity - Bitcoin

As you have come to expect from us since our founding a few months ago, we are always looking for and exploring new opportunities at Smart Investors. We have been following something for the past few months called Bitcoin. We have been reluctant to share it with you guys, because of the volatility and complete lack of market understanding of the technology. This hot new opportunity is called Bitcoin, and though the name might sound funny, it appears that this technology might indeed change the way we transact in the future.

Blue Horseshoe Love Bitcoin!

Just over a year ago, Bitcoin was trading at about 1 penny and today it is trading at $12.84. I know what you are thinking, this obscure asset that you know nothing about, have never even heard of has already increased 1284 times its value in under a year - clearly this thing is going to bust! We believe this is just the beginning and that the disruption that Bitcoin could bring to the financial markets is similar to the way Uber is presently disrupting taxis all over America and Uber has recently opened to international markets as well.

Bitcoin - This could be the disruption the financial markets have been looking for!

What exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new type of currency, which presently is starting to get lots of attention from enthusiasts and academics about new means of exchanging and storing value on a digital ledger. What is special about bitcoin?

  • Decentralized Technology
  • Transactions are immutable
  • Wallets are fully encrypted
  • Peer to peer sending - no middlemen
  • Not owned by any government or organization
  • Un-hackable encryption algorithms
  • Allows for anonymous transactions

Start research immediately

Here is a list of websites and links below to start your research on Bitcoin. I would strongly suggest getting a good understanding of it before you decide to invest as it is a brand new technology and concept and has inherent risks because of this.

Below is a list of websites that you can buy Bitcoin on. Please keep in mind to do your research first. Bitcoin is highly volatile and speculative today so be ready for a wild ride.

What are the risks of Bitcoin?

Like any new technology, there are huge risks in adopting technology that has not been adopted by the masses and tested. The underlying encryption and tech in Bitcoin has thoroughly been tested over the years, but the actual software and tech and application is brand new and does carry risk. Regardless of the risk, the concept of having a decentralized currency and means of exchange of value could prove to be a game changer to anyone willing to take a risk on this new tech.

Fortune Favors the Bold!

Start your research on Bitcoin ASAP and be on the look out for future emails on this disruptive tech